New page! Our heroes move on to their next location, the tedium of travel alleviated by Tavvi’s (depraved)storytelling. Meanwhile Rath enjoys a deep tissue ‘massage’ and some old (or actually quite new) foes reveal themselves. Will our heroes recover the Galanesh stone or will it fall into the clutches of the evil (or at least, morally grey) Kamaitachi Empire?! Or perhaps other even more nefarious hands? Find out soon (or some time in the next few decades) in BTB!!! XD

I had hoped to get this page out on Monday but it took longer than expected. Never mind. I’ll aim to keep smashing at least one page per week out and releasing it whenever it happens to be ready-Unleashing pages upon the world like Zeuse if instead of throwing thunderbolts he was really into making smutty fantasy comics (he totally would be-The dirty sod) 🙂


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