New page! The Tanuki god attempts to gain yet another avatar! Three is a magic number as they say. I think that originated with the Druids, but no doubt it’s older than that. Given that humans have been around for at least 300000 years, Druids are quite a recent phenominon.

Makes me wonder about whether there were a whole bunch of other civilisations before the Asyrians and Babylonians and Egyptians and what have you. There could have been dozens of empires and nations who’s evidence was merely never found or was worn away or was even mis-identified (that one strange piece of jewelry found in an Anicent Babylonian dig site was actually tens of thousands of years old when the ancient Babylonians got a hold of it, maybe?…). Makes ya think.

I guess a lot of it will never be known. I just find it hard to beleive that humans were hunter gatherers for 290000 years and then suddenly started building cities. I feel like there may have been cities before. Maybe many times before. Civilisations that fell and were then utterly erased by the hand of time…


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