New page! Yarost gets ready to fight. I seem to draw my characters in a lot of different costumes but I can’t help myself. It’s just too much fun πŸ™‚ A bit late, but not TOO bad. The art was actually done last night but I was too tired to do a good job on the dialogue so I decided to get some sleep first. The dialogue happens in three stages usually. I write a script (which sometimes gets revised), then I make a story board of the page which usually gets some modifications and notes on what the characters are saying and finally the words on the page get refined and checked plus re-checked for errors and for flow and what have you. I add the words and then check it a few times but then I’ll leave it for an hour or two before checking it again with fresh eyes which will usually let me catch any errors or parts of the conversation that may not communicate well enough or that don’t quite work. It’s not a process to attempt when you’re very tired, so sorry for the delay-I had to re-charge πŸ™‚

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