Is Moroz finally getting a costume upgrade (or downgrade)? Find out next time in BTB!

Spell-‘Costume Swap’Lv3 Wiz/Sorc Lv4 Bard. Range-30ft+5 ft per level.

Transmutation. Will save.

This spell can be cast on a set ofΒ  clothing and a target creature, causing the target creature’s current attire to swap places with the new set of clothing. The spell was originally designed to allow resting characters to don their armour instantly (for those camp site ambushes that catch the adventurers with their pants down).

An unwilling target is allowed a will save to avoid having their costume swapped with one chosen by the caster. The spell will not effect magical jewelry such as rings, medallions and circlets but will effect magical clothing such as armour and vests. If magical gear is targeted by the spell then an unwilling target may add the items effective bonus to their saving throw as an enhancement bonus.

Alternatively two targets can be chosen (rather than one target and a set of clothing). Any targets included in this situation will get will saves if they wish to resist. If both saves are passed then no effect occurs. If only one save is passed then the creature that failed it’s save will be stripped of their current attire-which will appear anywhere within the spells range (designated by the caster) whilst the other creature that passed it’s save will be un-affected. If both saves fail (or if only one character resists and that save fails) then the costumes will be swapped.

Costumes swapped between creatures will be magically adapted by the spell to fit perfectly-but this effect will only last until the items are removed-at which point they will return to their original form.

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