New page! I’m running very low on pages-as in I have none left at all-BUT I do have one drawn and scanned in, so I should be able to keep going for a bit longer at the very least. As I was running out of pages, and since I’m quite clever, I decided to make the next page a double page spread! Woo hoo! I’m an idiot 🙁 Ah well-I’m going to keep bashing away for as long as I can anyway. We’ve had almost two months without a break*. Maybe I’ll make it to three if I cut out leisure time and sleep 😀

I have until Wednesday to finish the next page. I’m at work most of tomorrow…and Tuesday and Wednesday…I better get cracking 😉

*It has come to my attention that some people may believe that I stop working on the comic during intermissions-which is totally untrue-I never stop! XD The intermissions just allow me to build up a reserve of pages and do stuff like planning**, writing and character/prop/set design 🙂

**(Yes, I do plan-gotta get the composition and storyboards just right to maximise booty shots and underboob-not to mention disturbing(or wonderful-depending on your tastes) gnoll prince groin shots-this stuff takes time!)

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