Is Zeen really all that derpy, or does he have an agenda…? Maybe both (he has a derpy agenda).

JUST made it this time. I don’t want to lower quality or go mad/collapse from exhaustion-SO I’m going to halt normal updates. However, I’ll be trying something different this time(rather than an intermission). I’ll still post pages but I’ll do it once per week for a little while (until I get about 4 pages in the bank).

This is too slow to be a regular thing (in my opinion) but the same speed as a lot of comics normally post at and better than stopping all together. So-next update will be next Saturday and each Saturday for a bit.
The downside to this is that building a reserve will take a lot longer (twice as long) but the plus side is that I won’t have to stop or waste time on filler. Anyway-we’ll see how it works out 🙂

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