New page! Rath uses some techniques he saw one time on the telly with some minor (violent) alterations and Zeen goes into a sexy trance (at least one reader wanted to see ‘the goods’ so I did my best to engineer a suitable situation. Turns out all you need to do is raise your hands and Zeen’s ready to rock 😉 ).

This is quite a sausage heavy page, but my approach to nudity has always been ‘show it all-men and women’-That way you can have the sexy stuff and hopefully avoid being unfair or sexist (the approach my the mainstream tends to be to aim for the same result by having no nudity-But that’s very boring) 😉


Sorry for the lateness. I’ve got to do a lot of IRL work these days to keep the lights on. I’m doing my best to keep up with things but sometimes my best isn’t good enough. Apologies.


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