New page! Sorry for the lateness. RL got in the way (a combination of work, friends and family made it difficult to get much work done on Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The friend part involved a D&D session. I played in one game (as a wizard with one artificer level for a bit of staying power) and ran the other. We had a bit of a tough time in the game I played in, being forced into a fighting withdrawral against overwhelming odds. Nobody died but it was a close run thing. It wasn’t that far off a TPK at times XD

Rath and Sleak need some help. That’s okay-There’s a first time for everything πŸ™‚ Should get back to the rest of the group soon-And then push things forward to further adventure! I have lots planned out but comics are hard πŸ˜› I may use a less labour intensive style next time I start a comic (in the far distant future). That is, if AI hasn’t taken over the world by then XD


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