Victory! Finally our ‘scenario B’ (to use Resident Evil 2 terminology) heroes have managed to repel the invaders-who are forced to flee back into the void to lick their wounds and come up with a good excuse for their father as to why his flagship is full of holes 😉

I’m REALLY low on pages now (I finished the art for this one today)-a combination of complex pages and lots of factors outside of the comic slowing me down. One more page and then a little intermission-two weeks maybe-but I’ll post some other good stuff during that time 🙂 The last page before then is a double page spread (decided to make it twice as hard to make in my infinite wisdom) which should cap the fight off nicely.

After that it’s back to ‘team A’ briefly, then back to team B for a post fight wrap up and finally back to ‘Team A’ and that will be it for Ch4! I have so many ideas for what to do for Ch5-I just hope I can fit them all in 🙂

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