Some character info cards! I’ve been asked to make a character guide and this is at least a start πŸ™‚ The next update will be characters as well. I did mean to make one more comic page, but it’s not quite done and it’s nearly bloomin’ Christmas! It’s about 70% done though and I will keep on working on pages, so there will be fresh new story progress soon! πŸ˜€

Keen eyed readers may notice some additional as yet unseen info about the characters-Though I’ve kept some things a secret still.

Most of the info on the cards is pretty easy to understand. The romance section is about the character’s tendency towards one gender or the other. Very few characters will have a 100% preference for one gender, but anything above 65% could be considered non-bi (in other words, strait, gay or lebian depending on the character’s gender and attractions). So Rath and Kazu are straight and Zeen is bi-Though both Rath and Kazu could be in relationships or have sex with same sex partners depending on the situation. It’s just less likely for them πŸ™‚

CR will generally be the same as level, although in these three’s cases it’s a bit higher. Rath has some additional special powers that push his CR higher, Kazu is very natuarally skilled and also has a very powerful item (the armour) and the ‘help’ of a lesser god and Zeen bends the rules with his way of doing magic that makes him a bit more dangerous than your average level four wizard (taping wands together, using dungeon crunch scrolls etc).

Songs-I tried to find songs that best fit the characters-Whether that is their past, present or fate. The playlist (thus far) is here-


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