Arjuna explains! I’ll do a number of these over the next couple of weeks-Try to answer all the questions πŸ™‚

Reborn Galanesh was about CR15. He’s currently (or was when last seen) CR3 (having had most of his power drained by the banishment scroll).

Goret was CR 18 in his fight against Meg and her fellows. He’s currently CR21 after a lot of training.

Lord Darksoul’s CR is a secret, but he’s about as powerful as the other dark lords (Galanesh’s last incarnation, Varnack and Mortubera the vampire queen). As Mortunera has a Demi-Lich as a familiar (CR29 in 3rd edition rules which is waht I had in mind when I created the character) you can no doubt imagine their CRs are getting towards the level of lesser gods (50-60 maybe?).