New page! The strange old goblin ‘sage’ (or loony) exits stage right while Zeen transforms into some sort of small (and sexy) kaiju!

Sorry for the lateness. Making a Patreon comic page plus too many shifts at my day job too their tole on the comic schedule 🙁

News! I have started adding the comic to ‘Comic Fury’ at a higher definition than here (at least for the early pages). I’m planning on posting one page a day. It may be a good way to read the comic from the start again (plus the archive sytem there is better) and I’d certainly appreciate subs and comments over there if you have an account. I should have done this a while ago really (after the fall of Smack Jeeves). Anyway-Check it out if you feel like it 🙂 –


There’s also a brand new vote pic! You can vote (in case you didn’t know) by clicking the blue button (top left).


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