New page! Quite an important one as this is the last page of Chapter6/Issue 1. I had planned on about 30 pages per issue, but maybe that’s too few given my propensity to be easily distracted by naughty thoughts. Bellator the Nemean Paladin (An agent of the Concordiat of Light) appears-AND Galanesh?!!! Our heroes will certainly have their work cut out for them if they want to keep Vaznev safe and recover the stone for the Raven Knight! 😉

The next update will be a cover image for ‘Issue 2’-And then it’ll be on with the show as we join Yeshka, Tiger and the others in their tense standoff at the gates of the dungeon! Will Yeshka’s squad stand a chance? Will Bork finally wake up after all these years?! Will Dunga’s precarious loincloth break under the strain?! Find out soon in BTB!!!


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