Phew! That was tough-just made it! I knew time would be tight on getting this page out so (due to being super wise and smart) I made this page very complicated to produce. Those first two panels-who-boy. This is why I usually use pre-made backgrounds that I can drop in behind the characters. Adding highlights to all those bricks (not to mention drawing it all out)-not the most efficient way of working. Nice to do every now and then though 🙂 I quite like the costume of the yellow wizard. Yellow doesn’t get used enough in fantasy outfits.

The dungeon has quite a fun pit trap. It leads to a 15ft deep pool of acid that’s also haunted by a spectre -so you get melted and you get your life-force drained all at once XD The sides around the pool are also sloped and extremely slippery for more exciting fun 😀



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