Where the bloody hells have you been?!!! (I shout in the mirror). Sorry for the late update. I fell behind and this page took way longer to make than I thought it would. Back to one pagers for the next two weeks so hopefully I can use that to put production back on schedule (though I have lots of bits and pieces to make for Patreon and I’ll need a new vote pic soon…). Eh-I’m sure I’ll manage 😀

The three Ra’s have appeared! The fighters are all here! Three fully restored mummies, a flesh golem and a lich vs our three intrepid adventurers-A gnoll prince, a prodigy warrior mage and a stern inquisitor of the Nemean legions. I’m not sure which side I’d bet on-But one way or the other it’s sure to be a brawl to watch! 😀

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