Struggling a bit with production right now. I’m working on a special double page which required even more time than a normal page and then after that I’ll be putting some of the mountain gnoll in a new setting that may require the production of some new back drops and props. I’ll carry on for as long as I can though. Holiday based demands on my time and lots of unwanted overtime at work have not helped the situation.

So-there may be an intermission coming up-but not right away (although between scenes might be a good place to put it).
I may go to one page per week again for a bit or I may have a full on intermission. The first option means I don’t have to stop posting pages at all and the 2nd option means I can build up a reserve again more quickly. Option one’s probably the best as it means I don’t have to worry about filler. I’ll try to last until the end of January at any rate 🙂 Maybe 1 page per week in January and then a short intermission and then back to ‘normal’ release schedule.

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Patreon’s going pretty well-if I continue to steadily rise I may be able to quit my job and do this full time-which would mean more art for you guys-more Patreon content and lots more free content too, which is the best kind (I like as many people to see my work as possible!). So, if you can afford it, any amount is very much appreciated 🙂

I should really set a target for this. Lets say $1200. If I can reach this then I’ll quit the retail job and devote myself fully to BTB and art. I’ll have to make a little each month from commissions too, but if I can maintain Patreon at roughly that level I should be okay. So if you can (and only if you can-I don’t want you guys to suffer on my account), then please pledge a little 🙂

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