New page! Well that’s one way to deal with an opponent that has an impossibly tough hide. I’m not sure if this was a masterful stroke of tactical genius or just the result of a couple of horny warriors getting a bit too intmate. Goret’s seduction technique is more about reducing inhibitions and allowing for opponents to act on desires they already had rather than a form of mind control-So it avoids the usual unfortunate connotations of the love potion or mind altering charms 😉 Maybe that IS how love potions work. They just allow feelings that are already there to thrive?

This page is a bit more adult than usual, but you guys have been wanting some actual sex in the comic. Not a full on sex scene but I don’t want to grind things to a total halt for long sex scenes (or at least, not too often)-This comic is still an action adventure comic that also happens to include (a lot of) sex and nudity after all 😉 Next page will be out on Wednesday. In the meantime please feel free to comment! 😀


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