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  1. Silver-wings

    Oh-huh, that must have been Akinitos first orgasm or her first from a very very long time. I guess now that Goret has his prize and how both of his “allies” aren’t there. He can now let lose his full power and show these fools that they’re not dealing with a “hero of light”. But a greater rival of darkness.

    • Yup-Although he likes to think of himself as a noble knight, he was raised in quite a brutal society. Might makes right in mountain gnoll culture and those that have been defeated (one way of the other) by mountain gnolls can expect some interesting times ahead…

  2. pokemorph

    Wait I think he bulked up again…NO! is he able to absorb the flames of pasion!?!?!

    • I imagine that Goret may be one of those people that is driven in part by his own ego and passion, so that would make sense to some extent 🙂

  3. Panther

    Well : chain reaction and love defeat , very enjoyed by Akinitos . We’ll see what happened to her , and this “foe wall” ?

  4. Jak Sharperten

    Goret’s abilities and talents all seem to revolve around three things; Fire, Strength, and Love\Lewdness. At least he has a theme I suppose ^^

    • Well, if you’ve got a high charisma you may as well use it for something 😉

  5. JL

    well that’s ONE way to defeat a foe. And its more fun for everyone involved as well, especially since the defeated foe gets to stay alive. I’d say they’d get to walk away after the fight but… I don’t think walking is in the near future for any that get defeated by this technique. Of course using this strategy against a succubus is a very bad idea, since they kind of eat the souls of any they get in these kinds of situations. Better to stand back and use an “Evard’s Black Tentacles” spell from a distance in that case.

    • JL

      Ah, good. I made it back to my computer in time before this was commented on. I know it isn’t the best to reply to your own comment, but I felt that a little disclaimer inspired by something I stumbled across was warranted. Any adventurers need to be aware that using spells to defeat their foes should be careful lest they backfire in some unforeseen way. Take the story that inspired this disclaimer. A Paladin had tried martyr himself to kill an invulnerable monster by binding its soul to his own. It… Didn’t go the way he planned.
      P.S. Does anyone else think that if Peter and Baalbuddy ever collabed, the resulting comic would have a level of lewd so high it might somehow manage to draw the Tanuki god to this reality? Get Kenkou Cross involved somehow and I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

  6. argentlupus

    I said it before and I will say it again, Goret may be dumb but he ain’t stupid.

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