Back to Yeshka and co. It’s been a while (but they’re back in style-they’re the chipmunks!..No, wait. No they are not. I got carried away). Anyway-it looks like they might finally get to be level 1 characters! Wooh!

I posted a new vote pic. It’s actually some art I made for a fantasy strip blackjack game. I did a bit or research before I started and there don’t seem to be many good ones out there(mostly way too difficult!). I see it as a possible new revenue stream which might free me up from work and let me do the art full time. If not it should at least be fun to play 🙂 I’ve only done one character so far and my partner (I have no programming skill) has yet to work his magic on her. In the meantime you can sort of play the game by voting 🙂 Fingers crossed we can make it work.

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