Late again! I had ‘Age of Sigmar’ and D&D on Friday-That’s my excuse 😛  The page was basically ready last night but I wanted to check it over again before I published it. The AofS game was fun. Double Stormcast vs Bonereapers. Pretty tough early on, but the Stormcast won in the end. My partner had dragons (which are pretty good right now) but he didn’t take the piss with them and it was a fairly chill, balanced game 🙂

The D&D was pretty great. A new game, starting at Lv2 with the DM running an oldschool ‘Keep on the Borderlands’ game. We beat up some goblins (sorry, Rath!) and an ogre and some Hobgoblins (Hobgoblins are tough in 5E!). I was running a human fighter called Chopper Harrington. (Fighter with chainmail and shield for AC18, heavy armour master for -3 damage from most physcial attacks and a battleaxe + ‘Duellist’ fighting style for an extra +2 damage on one handed weapons((D8+6 damage, baby!))) Our group were a criminal gang that had been chased out of a city and ended up as mercs for hire in the frontier wilderness. Many goblin heads were cleaved.  Good times! 😀

I may try to get a page out for Wednesday. I probably won’t manage it, but I’m gonna try, damn it! 4 pages per month isn’t fast enough, but I keep having to take on other work so I don’t run out of money. Speaking of money…

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