New page! Though unarmed and lacking in magical support (Alice having exhausted her daily reserve of spells fixing Rath’s messes and battling the Witch Sniffer’s minions) our trio of mighty heroines make the best of things and attack with fist, boot and mighty horn in their battle to restore peace and freedom to the woodland realm!

Anyone else playing IRL roleplaying games at the moment? Or dice based, I should say-Since playing over the internet is a thing now (along with Moon Pie-What a time to be alive). I played in a couple of games over the weekend. A dungeon crawler called The Red Keep using 5E rules and a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game in which we played a good portion of the famous ‘A Rough Night at the Four Feathers’. I’m running a wizard (with a one level dip in artificer to get access to medium armour and a shield) in the 5E game and a protagonist who’s big on fist fighting in the Warhammer game. Had a good time! What are you guys playing? πŸ™‚

Does’Baldur’s Gate’ count? Yes-Fine-You can tell us about that, too πŸ˜‰ Still wanna get that game, though finding the time to play if cold be tough. Eh-I can say it was research for the comic XD


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