And the gear basically completes the shock trooper as a viable enemy in a Pathfinder/3.5 game. I’d recommend limiting their use in a low magic setting, though the addition of power cels being required for the armour and weapons could be used by particularly skinflint DMs 😉

Feats are something I missed off the last data sheet. So-Combat reflexes, dodge(raising AC to 22), mobility and spring attack+point blank shot, precise shot and maybe power attack? (seven HD-five of which are fighter-I think this stacks up? If not then strip off power attack)

Tactics-use the reach of the weapons to have attacks of opportunity on anybody moving through the threatened area (like a charging opponent that only has 5ft reach for example)-with dex 16 they would get 4 such attacks per round each(though only one per provocation). Also use reach to force combat casting on magic users.

Use spring attack to leap in and out of melee with opponents, forcing further attacks of opportunity as enemies are made to re-engage over and over again. Use ranged attacks on enemies if needed (such as flying PCs or enemy archers that keep their distance).

Shock troopers have been trained to take out magic users and healers first where possible. A pack of shock troopers will use the mobility afforded to them by mobility and spring attack to focus on one opponent until that opponent has been removed as a threat.