New page! And the end of chapter 5! I was going to try to conclude the dungeon arc in Ch5 but this chapter is already kind of monsterous in size and there’s still a lot more to get through, so I decided this would make a good chapter break.

Rath and the others are on the very cusp of setting out into the wider world beyond the village of Gubkin as the Raven Knight holds a meeting for the great and the good(?) of the realm to discuss the Galanesh stones, Meg and her pals are at Thunder-ten-Tronckh -The citadel of the steam knights (which Romulus Volke gallops towards) and our villainous gnoll are all in various states of peril in the catacombs of the dread queen Mortubera!

Ch6 should be fun! I’ll be starting things of with Rath and the others (it’ll be nice to draw some people outside again after so long spent undergound). I’m going to have a break from updates for the next few weeks. Perhaps all of March-Though I will continue to work during that period. I hope to add a few new features to the site and also to get at least a few pages under my belt before the updates begin again πŸ™‚


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