Welp-last page this Saturday before a brief intermission again. I may post some fan art as filler or I may post a ‘how to make comics BTB style’-or would that shatter people’s illusions too much? Eh-my characters break the 4th wall every other page. Maybe I could have Zeen talk us through the wonder of creation. Either way I shouldn’t have to stop for too long as I won’t have to make a bunch of amusement park backdrops this time 🙂

We made it almost 3 months without stopping, which isn’t too bad. 2-3 weeks should net me about 4-6 pages and then I’ll start things up again. An actual fight is on the cards-which we haven’t seen in a while. It won’t be as long as the Gnolls vs Meg&co fight (not even close to that) but it should be a lot of fun 🙂

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