New page! Web spells normally fill an area, but we tend to house rule it to make them a bit more versatile in my group, so I bent the way it works a little here.  Rath’s starting to become a bit more competent, though he still has a looooong way to go until he’s even close to his goal of being the mightiest warrior of all. Thuunians prefer to use magic only and will  resort to the crudity of physical combat only if magic is somehow involved (summoned creatures, undead, charmed warriors or using a servant created by your magic in some way for example). Some Thuunians are specially trained to fight as well as being able to use magic (see Kislata) but these agents are quite rare and are looked at with derision and suspicion by many ‘proper’ mages of Thuune.

When footsoldiers are required for war, the nation is able to field a wide array of magically created warriors akin to golems (but with more intelligence and an in-built loyalty to their magic wielding masters) along with legions of well trained slave soldiers. Thuune will use undead servants but they avoid it where possible due to the danger and the lack of utility of such servants in many situations (not to mention the censure of the other ‘civilised’ nations, who frown upon slavery but might go to war with a nation that started using necromancy on a wide scale).


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