New page! It was pretty much done last night but I was very tired so I decided to post it the next day so I could check over the dialogue with a fresh set of eyes and (hopefully) catch any mistakes. The quotes are from the Romantic poet Shelley in case you were wondering 🙂 I might call it quits on the poetry quoting now and just have these ladies speak in an affected way (feels like cheating when I just slap other people’s dialogue into my comic-even if I do put a bit of effort into finding a good line).

The D&D went pretty well. My gentleman adventurer (5th edition lv7 monk-A very proper Victorian style gentleman that proves his prowess by fighting various rascals bare handed) did well in the jungle ruins of an ancient city and my female bounty hunter (5th ed Lv5 rogue/Lv5 fighter that uses a hand crossbow) did well in the other game vs a LOT of giants. The encounters in that game were perhaps a bit too tough but I had a blast. I like the sort of fights where you’re up against a big horde of monsters (though we did have to run away a lot in that session-which was a challenge in itself).

Next page will be out on Wednesday. Will Yarost be able to vanquish these voluptuous verbose vamps?! Find out soon in BTB!

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