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I’ve started making a few notes for my own RPG ruleset. I have six stats at the moment (Muscle, Agility, Resilience, Intellect, Willpower and Spirit) but I’m debating adding in ‘Fellowship’. I was going to just say that you play your character the way they are. So if they’re a smooth talker then play them like that, but I suppose that’s not really fair on people that want to play a smooth opperator but that struggle a bit with that sort of thing irl. As you probably noticed, most my stats are basically the same thing as in D&D, though a lot of the rules will be very different. At the moment I’ll be using D10s for most rolls but I may decide to change that.

‘Spirit’ is the extra stat. This one defines how many magic points you get. All characters get magic points and anyone can learn a spell by spending build points (provided they have a sufficiently high spellcraft bonus-Based on Intellect and ranks in ‘spellcraft’ which is a skill that gives extra MP and boost the power of spells) but you can also learn combat techniques and special moves that burn MP to boost damage and what have you ๐Ÿ™‚

Agility and defence skill (as well as size) defines your AC equivalent and your attack bonus.

Muscle is mostly used for damage (though size and the weapon being used also comes into play for that).

Resilience is the most important element in defining HP, but it’s also used to resist poison and the like and will give a small amount of damage reduction. Armour gives damage reduction rather than boosting defence and there will be optional rules for armour destruction (of course ;)).

I’m planning for my system to basically allow infinte leveling. There are no classes, but you can boost stats and learn skills and spells and special abilities to build a character into a fighter or a mage or any combination. You get 15 build points at level 1 and another 10 every time you level up. When you level up you spend your build points and you also gain extra HP and MP.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get it published, but it’s fun to work on ๐Ÿ™‚


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