New page! We’re at number three in the ‘Top webcomic’ charts at the moment-Which is great. Thanks a lot for all those votes! 😀 I guess the ‘Dungeon Thief’ has her fans. Speaking of which, I’m featuring the character in this month’s Patreon strip poker series. Lots of readers are already helping to keep BTB alive and are benifiting from the AMAZING bonus content (exlusive art, uncut comic panels and a bonus comic) but any additional help from my loyal and discerning readers would be very gratefully recieved (my Patreon backers really do make it possible for me to keep doing this) 🙂

It looks like Yarost is going to catch some hell! That’s a lot of incoming damage. 36D8 from the delayed blast fireballs and another 25D6 from lightning bolts. I make it about 244HP damage if he fails his reflex saves and has no resistance to fire, shock or acid damage. Ouch. Let’s hope he makes a few of those saves 😉 It’s a pretty lethal combo. It seems Shakespeare is not to be trifled with. Or even blancmanged with.

I’m going to try to do a few commissions in future by the way. Probably just one per week or so. $80 for a full character pic. $5 off if you back me at the $6 level on Patreon and $10 off if you back me at the $12 level 🙂 A 2nd character involved in the pic will add an extra $40. Anything more complicated than that will need to be negotiated. Contact me on this email-

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